The International Society for Artificial Life is pleased to confirm the winners of the 2019 ISAL Awards. The awards were presented to recipients during the 2019 Conference on Artificial Life in Newcastle, U.K.

After a nomination process open to all members of the broader Artificial Life community, three committees reviewed the nominations and made recommendations that were then approved by the ISAL board of directors.

The awards and 2019 winners are:

2019 ISAL Award for Lifetime Achievement in the field of Artificial Life
For an individual who has made profound contributions to the field of Artificial Life, influencing the work of many others and helping to shape the current state of the field.
Prof. Chris Adami

2019 ISAL Award for Distinguished Young Investigator in the field of Artificial Life
For an individual early in their career (pre-tenure) that has already made important contributions to the field of Artificial Life.
Dr. Arend Hintze

2019 ISAL Award for Outstanding Paper of the Decade 2004 – 2014
For an influential paper published in any venue from five to fifteen years ago (2004 through 2014) that has had a profound impact on the field of Artificial Life.
The evolutionary origins of modularity
Jeff Clune, Jean-Baptiste Mouret and Hod Lipson
Proc R Soc B 280: 20122863, 2013

2019 ISAL Award for Education and Outreach using Artificial Life
For the authors of an outstanding project that either teaches about Artificial Life or uses Artificial Life techniques to teach about another topic, or inspires users to learn more on their own.
@ALifePapers Twitter account (by Dr. Lana Sinapayen)

2019 ISAL Award for Exceptional Service to the Artificial Life Community
For an individual who has provided truly exceptional service to the field of Artificial Life, by helping to organize community projects, developing resources, or facilitating the administration of ISAL.
Dr. Emily Dolson

Our sincere thanks to the volunteers who reviewed these nominations and recommended the winners to the ISAL board of directors.

In addition, the ISAL student group, ERA (Emerging Researchers In ALife) presents the Outstanding Student Publication Award, which is judged by a committee organised by ERA. The 2019 winner is:

2019 ISAL Award for Outstanding Student Publication
To recognize a student or postdoc for a paper or other publication that they published while a student; any researcher who is still a student or within approximately three years of graduation is eligible.
Quantifying the tape of life: Ancestry-based metrics provide insights and intuition about evolutionary dynamics
Emily Dolson, Alexander Lalejini, Steven Jorgensen and Charles Ofria
Proceedings of the Artificial Life Conference 2018, T. Ikegami et al. (eds.), MIT Press, 2018.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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