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2022 ISAL Awards: Winners

The International Society for Artificial Life is pleased to confirm the winners of the 2022 ISAL Awards. The awards were presented to recipients during the online 2022 Conference on Artificial Life organised in Trento, Italy. After a nomination process open to all members of the broader Artificial Life community, three committees reviewed the nominations and made recommendations […]

Call for Nominations: 2022 ISAL Awards

We are pleased to announce that nominations for the 2022 International Society for Artificial Life Awards are now open! In order to have a diverse and representative list of nominees, it is important that we get nominations from within the ISAL membership and without. We would therefore appreciate it if you could share this announcement […]

ALIFE 2023 and 2024: call for proposals to host conferences

The International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL) is seeking proposals to host the Conference on Artificial Life in 2023 and 2024. We will select two teams, one to organize ALIFE 2023 and one for ALIFE 2024. Proposals for both years are being solicited at once to allow maximum flexibility in light of general global uncertainty. […]


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The Call for Papers & Extended Abstracts for the @ALifeConf 2023 Conference on Artificial Life is now published at! Submission deadline 3 March 2023. Also on that page you'll see details of the Call for Special Sessions and Call for Workshops & Tutorials!

The end of 2022 is near. We look forward to receiving the last of your year's submissions over the next weeks! Please send us a "gift" that we can send for review. Details of our (simple) submission process online @mitpress: @alifeofficial @ISALstudents

It has been very busy at Artificial Life! Check out the swathes of new material posted for "Early Access" including #covid19 simulation/ABM, work on #emergence, heterogeneous #swarms, #social influence and much more

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Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is a subarea of artificial life and genetic engineering that involves the redesign of existing life for new and/or ameliorated purposes, as well as the artificial creation of entirely new living organisms through controlled mutations of organisms’ deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA). Essentially, in synthetic biology, engineers think about biology as a piece of […]