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Call for Nominations: 2022 ISAL Awards

We are pleased to announce that nominations for the 2022 International Society for Artificial Life Awards are now open! In order to have a diverse and representative list of nominees, it is important that we get nominations from within the ISAL membership and without. We would therefore appreciate it if you could share this announcement […]

ALIFE 2023 and 2024: call for proposals to host conferences

The International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL) is seeking proposals to host the Conference on Artificial Life in 2023 and 2024. We will select two teams, one to organize ALIFE 2023 and one for ALIFE 2024. Proposals for both years are being solicited at once to allow maximum flexibility in light of general global uncertainty. […]

ALife Japan Workshop 2

The Special Interest Group for Artificial Life, “Alife-Japan” will hold Workshop 02 on December 06th, Monday. Workshop 02 is a space for Alife students and young researchers to present their current research work, and obtain feedback, following a more traditional scientific Workshop style. Participants from outside of Japan are welcome to attend.


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#ALIFE2022 Keynote Speaker Announcement #4

Stuart J. Bartlett from @Caltech

"Searching for Lyfe, Genesity, Complexity and Emergent Learning"

#originoflife #emergence #lyfe #astrobiology #nonlinearsystems #complexity

#ALIFE2022 Abstract and Essay Student Competition.

June 1st 2022

All students contributing receive free conference admission. The top voted submissions to be considered for publication in the Artificial Life Journal.

See more here:

There is still time to submit to the research topic Artificial Living Beings: Field “Cross-Fertilization”. Submission deadline: 16th Jul.

@GeccoConf @alifeofficial @ARTL_journal @ALifeConf

#ALIFE2022 Keynote Speaker Announcement #3

Job Boekhoven from TU Munich

"Chemically fueled droplets; towards the synthesis of life"

#droplets #originoflife #coacervates #wetalife #synbio #selfassembly

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Picture of Lenia


Lenia is a class of continuous cellular automata systems. It was the topic of the ISAL Award for outstanding paper of 2019 and an entry in the 2018 ALife Art competition which won an honorable mention.