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We are now running a series on online seminars on Artificial Life. See for the upcoming schedule and links to previous recordings.

Introduction to artificial life

Some useful introductory materials are listed below. If you have any suggestions for additional material, please let us know!

  • Biological Bits: A free eBook (iBook and PDF format) providing a great introduction to a wide variety of ALife-related topics, with a focus on computational work.
  • The Wikipedia article on Artificial Life is a good place to find basic information about the subject and links to other resources.

Repository of artificial life teaching resources

We are building up a repository of teaching resources shared by members of the community and freely available for reuse and extension in your own classes.


The following subreddits are related to artificial life:

News on artificial life from around the web

This website aggregates news stories on artificial life from the following websites:

If you have suggestions for other suitable news sources, please use the contact form to let us know.