The Emerging Researchers in ALife (ERA) organization is the student chapter of ISAL. They actively engage with the community to support the advancement and dissemination of knowledge about Artificial Life. They especially target emerging researchers, providing opportunities to interact with each other, develop professionally, and contribute to the broader artificial life community. They give an inclusive definition of “emerging researchers”: anybody seeing herself as such fits into the category. These mostly include, but are not limited to, PhD students, Post-Doc researchers, and independent researchers.

ERA was established in 2016. Since then, we host a workshop at the flagship conference on Artificial Life, bringing together as many emerging researchers as possible, offering a venue to network and socialise within the broader conference.

Current board members

In alphabetical order:

  • Abraham J. Leite (Stony Brook University), general chair;
  • Barbora Hudcová (Charles University), vice chair;
  • Federico Pigozzi (University of Trieste), conference chair;
  • Imran Khan (University of Hertfordshire), equity chair;
  • Richard Löffler (University of Trento), ISAL board representative.

Join us

Membership rules are fluid: anyone can become a member by joining our Slack!


You can find us on Twitter and Slack.