Dear Members of the Artificial Life community,

The International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL) is seeking nominations for our Board of Directors. The board is responsible for managing the society, facilitating the organization of conferences, interfacing with the Artificial Life journal, advocating artificial life research, and developing and promoting the community as a whole.

Board members facilitate these activities by attending monthly virtual meetings, contributing to and attending the annual Artificial Life conferences, and taking up a role on the board. In addition to standard roles (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), other roles for board members include Education Chair, Diversity Chair, Public Relations Chair, Industrial Relations Chair, Societal Impact Chair, Membership Chair, Awards Chair, Journal Liaison, and Conference Liaison. New roles can be created to facilitate initiatives that a board member wishes to pursue.

Elections to the ISAL Board of Directors will take place this year to fill five board positions, for the next four-year board term. These positions are currently occupied by Mark Bedau, Katie Bentley, Charles Ofria, and Alex Penn, with one already open position.

See the full list of current board members here:

Please nominate candidates for the five open board positions by filling out the brief online form.


You may use this form multiple times to propose additional candidates. Please select people who you believe will put in time and energy to help the society succeed. Self-nominations are encouraged!

Any ISAL member may be elected to the ISAL Board of Directors, including outgoing board members. If you are not sure whether the person you are nominating is already an ISAL member or not, please nominate them anyway. If they are not an ISAL member, we will contact them to ask if they are willing to become a member in the event that they are elected.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is Thursday, July 18th, 2019.

The subsequent process is as follows:

  1. Nominees will be approached and those who wish to stand for election will be asked to provide a short statement of their intentions and priorities, should they be elected.
  2. The list of nominees who wish to stand for election and their statements will be circulated by email to ISAL members (anyone may nominate, but only members may vote).
  3. ISAL members will be asked to vote on the candidates via another online form.
  4. The five candidates with the most votes will be elected to the ISAL Board of Directors.

Note that anyone may nominate, but only ISAL members may vote in the next round to make the final selection of new board members. To join ISAL, see:

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to receiving your nominations!

Best regards,

Charles Ofria

ISAL President

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