General information about the ECAL ’93 conference and proceedings

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Collective behavior for a micro-colony of robots Ali Cherif, Arab 1 8 collections_ECAL93-0001-0008-Ali-Cherif.pdf
Long or short range correlations in DNA sequences? Almirantis, Yannis;Papageorgiou, Spyros 9 14 collections_ECAL93-0009-0014-Almirantis.pdf
Modelling bursting neurons of the lobster cardiac network Av-Ron, E.;Parnas, H.;Segel, L. A. 15 25 collections_ECAL93-0015-0025-Av-Ron.pdf
Chaotic hierarchy in a model of competing populations Baier, Gerold;Thomsen, Jesper S.;Mosekilde, Erik 26 50 collections_ECAL93-0026-0050-Baier.pdf
Order and chaos in the evolution of diversity Bedau, Mark A.;Bahm, Alan 51 62 collections_ECAL93-0051-0062-Bedau.pdf
Memory in the immune system: synergy of different strategies Behn, Ulrich;Lippert, Karen;Möller, Christine;van Hemmen, Leo;Sulzer, Bernhard 63 73 collections_ECAL93-0063-0073-Behn.pdf
Requirements for template activity of RNA in RNA replication Biebricher, Christof K. 74 85 collections_ECAL93-0074-0085-Biebricher.pdf
On the appeals and dangers of synthetic reductionism Bonabeau, Eric W. 86 102 collections_ECAL93-0086-0102-Bonabeau.pdf
Light-sensitive Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction – a suitable tool for studies of nonlinear wave dynamics in active media Braune, M.;Engel, H. 103 112 collections_ECAL93-0103-0112-Braune.pdf
Political life on a lattice Brown, Thad A.;McBurnett, Michael 113 136 collections_ECAL93-0113-0136-Brown.pdf
Simple rules governing leg placement by the stick insect during walking Brunn, D. E.;Dean, J.;Schmitz, J. 137 144 collections_ECAL93-0137-0144-Brunn.pdf
Intelligence under the viewpoint of the concepts of complementarity and autopoiesis Calenbuhr, V. 145 157 collections_ECAL93-0145-0157-Calenbuhr.pdf
Collective intelligence in insect colonies by means of self-organization Camazine, S. 158 173 collections_ECAL93-0158-0173-Camazine.pdf
Generating societies: collective social patterns in humans and animals Chase, Ivan D. 174 191 collections_ECAL93-0174-0191-Chase.pdf
Analysis of evolved sensory-motor controllers Cliff, Dave;Husbands, Philip;Harvey, Inman 192 204 collections_ECAL93-0192-0204-Cliff.pdf
Adding ‘foveal vision’ to Wilson’s animat Cliff, Dave;Bullock, Seth 205 214 collections_ECAL93-0205-0214-Cliff.pdf
Chaotic signal processing in nerve cells Colding-Jørgensen, M. 215 223 collections_ECAL93-0215-0223-Colding-Jorgensen.pdf
Simulating the sociogenesis process in ant colonies with MANTA Corbara, B.;Drogoul, A.;Fresneau, D.;Lalande, S. 224 235 collections_ECAL93-0224-0235-Corbara.pdf
Effect of self-association on the stability of metabolic units Costalat, R.;Morillon, J.-P.;Burger, J. 236 244 collections_ECAL93-0236-0244-Costalat.pdf
A walking machine using coordinating mechanisms of three different animals: stick insect, crayfish and cat Cruse, H.;Cymbalyuk, G.;Dean, J. 245 258 collections_ECAL93-0245-0258-Cruse.pdf
Looping as a means to survival: playing Russian roulette in a harsh environment Davidge, Robert 259 273 collections_ECAL93-0259-0273-Davidge.pdf
Evolving a replicator: the genetic programming of self reproduction in cellular automata de Garis, Hugo 274 284 collections_ECAL93-0274-0284-De-Garis.pdf
Birds use self-organized social behaviours to regulate their dispersal over wide areas: evidences from gull roosts De Schutter, G.;Nuyts, E. 285 295 collections_ECAL93-0285-0295-De-Schutter.pdf
Morphodynamic networks: the example of adaptive fibres Deffuant, Guillaume;Monneret, Etienne 296 309 collections_ECAL93-0296-0309-Deffuant.pdf
A physical investigation of the iterative process of botanical growth Douady, S.;Couder, Y. 310 313 collections_ECAL93-0310-0313-Douady.pdf
Non-linear forecasting of cats eye movement time series Dumont, Martine;Cheron, G.;Godaux, E. 314 325 collections_ECAL93-0314-0325-Dumont.pdf
Trail following as an adaptable mechanism for population behaviour Edelstein Keshet, Leah 326 346 collections_ECAL93-0326-0346-Edelstein-Keshet.pdf
Patterns of interactions in shared environments Floreano, Dario 347 357 collections_ECAL93-0347-0357-Floreano.pdf
Limited rationality in the organization of societies of ants, robots and men Franks, Nigel R. 358 366 collections_ECAL93-0358-0366-Franks.pdf
Theoretical and practical investigations of lake biopopulations Garliauskas, A. 367 378 collections_ECAL93-0367-0378-Garliauskas.pdf
Modelling spinal organization of motor behaviors in the frog Giszter, Simon 379 390 collections_ECAL93-0379-0390-Giszter.pdf
Vortex drift induced by an electric field in excitable media Gómez-Gesteira, M.;Muñuzuri, A. P.;Pérez-Muñuzuri, V.;Pérez-Villar, V. 391 399 collections_ECAL93-0391-0399-Gomez-Gesteira.pdf
Recipes for collective movement Goss, S.;Deneubourg, J. L.;Beckers, R.;Henrotte, J.-L. 400 410 collections_ECAL93-0400-0410-Goss.pdf
Self-organization of formal neurons described by the absolute maximum entropy principle Grabec, I. 411 419 collections_ECAL93-0411-0419-Grabec.pdf
A new model of visual processing based on space-time coupling in the retina Grandguillaume, Philippe 420 428 collections_ECAL93-0420-0428-Grandguillaume.pdf
Complexity-seeking ants Gutowitz, Howard 429 439 collections_ECAL93-0429-0439-Gutowitz.pdf
Natural kinds, autonomous robots and history of use Hendriks-Jansen, Horst 440 451 collections_ECAL93-0440-0451-Hendriks-Jansen.pdf
Electronic sound creatures Hess, Felix 452 457 collections_ECAL93-0452-0457-Hess.pdf
The evolution of secondary organization in immune system gene libraries Hightower, Ron;Forrest, Stephanie;Perelson, Alan S. 458 470 collections_ECAL93-0458-0470-Hightower.pdf
Parallel computation in coupled chemical kinetic systems Hjelmfelt, A.;Schneider, F. W.;Ross, J. 471 485 collections_ECAL93-0471-0485-Hjelmfelt.pdf
Generalisation, world modelling, and optimal choice: improving reinforcement learning in real robots Holland, O. E.;Snaith, M. A. 486 495 collections_ECAL93-0486-0495-Holland.pdf
Social dilemmas and fluid organizations Huberman, B. A.;Glance, N. S. 496 505 collections_ECAL93-0496-0505-Huberman.pdf
Simulation of 3 dimensional Turing patterns related to early biological morphogenesis Hunding, A. 506 514 collections_ECAL93-0506-0514-Hunding.pdf
Evolutionary dynamics and the relation between RNA structure and RNA landscapes Huynen, Martijn A.;Hogeweg, Paulien 515 526 collections_ECAL93-0515-0526-Huynen.pdf
Ecology of evolutionary game strategies Ikegami, Takashi 527 536 collections_ECAL93-0527-0536-Ikegami.pdf
Coevolution in the computer: the necessity and use of distributed code systems Kampis, George 537 546 collections_ECAL93-0537-0546-Kampis.pdf
Patterns of cluster formation and evolutionary activity in evolving L-systems Kim, Jan T.;Stüber, Kurt 547 563 collections_ECAL93-0547-0563-Kim.pdf
Mechanism of the Bray-Liebhafsky reaction: effect of the reduction of iodate ion by hydrogen peroxide Kolar-Anić, Lj.;Mišljenović, Đ.;Anić, S. 563 570 collections_ECAL93-0563-0570-Kolar-Anic.pdf
Spatiotemporal patterns in cyclic arrays with and without time delay Kosek, J.;Pinkas, P.;Marek, M. 571 585 collections_ECAL93-0571-0585-Kosek.pdf
Wave mechanisms of pattern formation in microbial populations Krinsky, V.;Agladze, K.;Budriene, L.;Ivanitsky, G.;Shakhbazyan, V.;Tsyganov, M. 586 594 collections_ECAL93-0586-0594-Krinsky.pdf
Visible characteristics of living systems: esthetics and artificial life Lestel, D.;Bec, L.;Lemoigne, J.-L. 595 603 collections_ECAL93-0595-0603-Lestel.pdf
Evolutionary dynamics of spatial games Lindgren, Kristian;Nordahl, Mats G. 604 616 collections_ECAL93-0604-0616-Lindgren.pdf
Can phyllotaxis be controlled by a cellular program? Lück, Jacqueline;Lück, Hermann B. 617 632 collections_ECAL93-0617-0632-Luck.pdf
Chemical autopoiesis: self-replicating micelles and vesicles Luisi, P. L.;Vonmont-Bachmann, P. A.;Fresta, M.;Walde, P.;Wehrli, E. 633 638 collections_ECAL93-0633-0638-Luisi.pdf
Self-excitable molecular-system towards the development of neuro-computer, intelligent sensor and mechanochemical transducer Magome, Nobuyuki;Yonezawa, Yasuo;Yoshikawa, Kenichi 639 648 collections_ECAL93-0639-0648-Magome.pdf
The effects of dispersal on the evolution of artificial parasites Maley, Carlo C. 649 657 collections_ECAL93-0649-0657-Maley.pdf
Wetware as a bridge between computer engineering and biology Mange, D. 658 667 collections_ECAL93-0658-0667-Mange.pdf
Co-evolution of trading strategies in an artificial computational stock market Margarita, Sergio;Beltratti, Andrea 668 677 collections_ECAL93-0668-0677-Margarita.pdf
Hebbian neural networks which topographically self-organize Martin, Olivier C.;Letelier, Juan Carlos 678 687 collections_ECAL93-0678-0687-Martin.pdf
Multiplicity of stationary patterns in an array of chemical oscillators Maselko, Jerzy 688 697 collections_ECAL93-0688-0697-Maselko.pdf
Synthesizing complex behaviors by composing simple primitives Matarić, Maja J.;Marjanović, Matthew J. 698 707 collections_ECAL93-0698-0707-Mataric.pdf
What is a universal constructor? McMullin, B. 708 717 collections_ECAL93-0708-0717-McMullin.pdf
Time-structure analysis in a village community of Columbian Indians: a mathematically simulated system of ultradian oscillators Meier-Koll, Alfred;Bohl, Erich 718 749 collections_ECAL93-0718-0749-Meier-Koll.pdf
Artificial organisms with adaptive sensors Merelo, Juan Julián;Moreno, Alvaro;Etxeberria, Arantza 750 757 collections_ECAL93-0750-0757-Merelo.pdf
An autonomous legged robot that learns to walk through simulated evolution Mikami, Sadayoshi;Tano, Hiroaki;Kakazu, Yukinori 758 767 collections_ECAL93-0758-0767-Mikami.pdf
Self-motion in physico-chemical systems far from thermal equlibrium Mikhailov, A. S.;Meinkohn, D. 768 779 collections_ECAL93-0768-0779-Mikhailov.pdf
Swarm field dynamics and functional morphogenesis Millonas, Mark M. 780 789 collections_ECAL93-0780-0789-Millonas.pdf
Antichaos in ants: the excitability metaphor at two hierarchical levels Miramontes, Octavio;Solé, Ricard V.;Goodwin, Brian C. 790 807 collections_ECAL93-0790-0807-Miramontes.pdf
Modeling system-environment interaction: the complementary roles of simulations and real world artifacts Mondada, Francesco;Verschure, Paul F. M. J. 808 817 collections_ECAL93-0808-0817-Mondada.pdf
Spatial and spatiotemporal patterns in the ionic Brusselator Münster, A. F.;Hasal, P.;Šnita, D.;Marek, M. 818 834 collections_ECAL93-0818-0834-Munster.pdf
Robot navigation by light Nehmzow, Ulrich;McGonigle, Brendan 835 844 collections_ECAL93-0835-0844-Nehmzow.pdf
Auto-teaching: networks that develop their own teaching input Nolfi, Stefano;Parisi, Domenico 845 862 collections_ECAL93-0845-0862-Nolfi.pdf
Evolutionary and spatial dynamics of the prisoner’s dilemma Nowak, Martin 863 870 collections_ECAL93-0863-0870-Nowak.pdf
Collective alteration of strategic types Numaoka, Chisato 871 882 collections_ECAL93-0871-0882-Numaoka.pdf
Geometrical dynamics for morphogenesis Pelce, Pierre 883 895 collections_ECAL93-0883-0895-Pelce.pdf
Round shape combs produced by stigmergic scripts in social wasp Pénzes, Zsolt;Karsai, István 896 905 collections_ECAL93-0896-0905-Penzes.pdf
The early years of excitable media from electro-physiology to physical-chemistry Perraud, Jean-Jacques 906 915 collections_ECAL93-0906-0915-Perraud.pdf
Studying emotions: fungus eaters Pfeifer, Rolf 916 927 collections_ECAL93-0916-0927-Pfeifer.pdf
Origin and breakdown of synchrony of the cell cycles in early development Presnov, E.;Agur, Z. 928 942 collections_ECAL93-0928-0942-Presnov.pdf
A primordial soup environment Putnam, Jeffrey 943 961 collections_ECAL93-0943-0961-Putnam.pdf
The collective vigilance as an example of self-organisation: a precise study on the wild boar (Sus scrofa) Quenette, P. Y.;Gerard, J. F. 962 969 collections_ECAL93-0962-0969-Quenette.pdf
Ontogenetic constraints on scaling-up sensory-motor systems Rutkowska, Julie C. 970 979 collections_ECAL93-0970-0979-Rutkowska.pdf
A knowledge-tracking algorithm for generating collective behavior in individual-based populations Schmieder, Robert W. 980 989 collections_ECAL93-0980-0989-Schmieder.pdf
Coordinative balancing in evolutionary multi-agent-robot system using genetic algorithm Shibata, Takanori;Fukuda, Toshio 990 1000 collections_ECAL93-0990-1000-Shibata.pdf
Rotating cell motion and wave propagation during the developmental cycle of Dictyostelium Steinbock, O.;Siegert, F.;Weijer, C. J.;Müller, S. C. 1001 1007 collections_ECAL93-1001-1007-Steinbock.pdf
Modeling and simulation of the gliding and aggregation of Myxobacteria Stevens, Angela 1008 1011 collections_ECAL93-1008-1011-Stevens.pdf
The immune system: emergent self-assertion in an autonomous network Stewart, John 1012 1018 collections_ECAL93-1012-1018-Stewart.pdf
Algorithms and collective decisions in ants: information exchange, numbers of individuals and search limits Stickland, T. R.;Tofts, C. M. N.;Franks, N. R. 1019 1027 collections_ECAL93-1019-1027-Stickland.pdf
Logical synthesis of regulatory models Thieffry, D.;Thomas, R. 1028 1036 collections_ECAL93-1028-1036-Thieffry.pdf
Statistical factors in behaviour learning Thornton, Chris 1037 1047 collections_ECAL93-1037-1047-Thornton.pdf
Artificial death Todd, Peter M. 1048 1059 collections_ECAL93-1048-1059-Todd.pdf
Structural organization of cellular robot based on genetic information Ueyama, Tsuyoshi 1060 1069 collections_ECAL93-1060-1069-Ueyama.pdf
Amino acids patterns in the recognition sites of immunoglobulins Vargas-Madrazo, E. 1070 1089 collections_ECAL93-1070-1089-Vargas-Madrazo.pdf
Modeling biological behaviour or ‘dumb animals and stupid robots’ Webb, Barbara 1090 1103 collections_ECAL93-1090-1103-Webb.pdf
Emergence of mutualism: application of a differential model to endosymbiosis Weisbuch, Gérard 1104 1115 collections_ECAL93-1104-1115-Weisbuch.pdf
The computational machinery of the living cell Welch, G. Rickey 1116 1138 collections_ECAL93-1116-1138-Welch.pdf
Learning and evolution in populations of backprop networks Williams, B. V. 1139 1149 collections_ECAL93-1139-1149-Williams.pdf
Memory, far from equilibrium: basins of attraction of random boolean networks Wuensche, Andrew 1150 1159 collections_ECAL93-1150-1159-Wuensche.pdf
Escaping static and cyclic behavior in autonomous agents Yamauchi, Brian 1160 1169 collections_ECAL93-1160-1169-Yamauchi.pdf
Boundary layer kinematical model of autowave patterns in a two-component reaction-diffusion system Zykov, V. S. 1170 1179 collections_ECAL93-1170-1179-Zykov.pdf