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The International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL) is seeking proposals to host the Conference on Artificial Life in 2023 and 2024. We will select two teams, one to organize ALIFE 2023 and one for ALIFE 2024. Proposals for both years are being solicited at once to allow maximum flexibility in light of general global uncertainty.

Following the inaugural hybrid 2019 conference Newcastle, all ALIFE conferences are expected to have at least a hybrid virtual/in-person format, or completely virtual in the event that international travel is still problematic. Past and future conference organizers are invited/expected to join monthly ISAL Board of Directors meetings so that the transition from year to year is as smooth as possible, meaning organizers don’t have to completely reimplement conference infrastructure each year.

There are no firm geographic constraints on where the conference will be based, although effort will be made to ensure that the conference moves to different regions of the world each year.

Interested parties should inform the ISAL Secretary ([email protected]) of their interest in submitting a proposal by January 31, 2022. Full proposals will then be due at the end of February.

Proposals are intended to be brief and to be used as a starting point for further discussions with the ISAL board. A typical proposal will be 2-4 pages and include a high-level description of each of the following items:

  • WHO: Key members of the organizing committee
  • WHAT: The main conference theme
  • WHERE: Conference location (and likely facilities available at the target conference venue)
  • WHEN: Approximate conference dates and duration (and preference for year, 2023 or 2024)
  • WHY: Any other considerations (such as special events, co-located conferences, external funding to be solicited, potential keynote speakers, or local attractions)

Feel free to reach out to [email protected], to Charles Ofria, or directly to anyone else on the ISAL board with questions.